Overnight, a dragonfly candle formed around the price of Bitcoin. It swept low to test the lower support level of the cryptocurrency at its bull flag. That amount is currently $15,166. The formation shows that end traders will need to look for a breakout level that could push the points of $15,500 to $15,600. This is the location where a high-volume trade demand is taking place.

All of this suggests that there is a small argument taking place between the bulls and the bears. It is flipping the $15,600 support level within the four-hour closing level. It will leave open the possibility that Bitcoin could make a third try at the $16,000 price point. The coin's RSI is also above 70, which is a bull signal. The day's purchasing volume dropped some. That happened after traders got their profits when the price of the coin rose to $15,900.

A drop below $15,100 opens an opportunity for the 20-day moving average to drop to $14,680. This is close to a vertical breakout, which took place around November 4 to 5. It happened without forming any new price supports. The volume profile suggests that there is a gap around $13,900 to $15,500. If the price of Bitcoin does fall to less than $15,100 and buyers don't see this as an opportunity to buy in the dip, then it could drop to around $14,000 to $13,800, which is its next support level.

Even though a 9% drop makes investors nervous, the lower support levels are normal and healthy, especially after this week's solid rallies. While Bitcoin searches for a direction in its pricing, the alt coins have seen some modest gains of what they lost over the past two months. Ether moved up to $447 and might be able to break the resistance level, which is currently at $450.

Yearn Finance had a 30% rally to $11,100 this week. The Uniswap token added 15.5% to its value, reaching $2.53 as of Friday night. An industry publication shows that the total crypto market cap is $444.6 billion, and Bitcoin's share of it is 64.7%.