Vasco da Gama, which is one of the top teams in Brazilian football, has paired with Mercado Bitcoin, which is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Latin America. They will tokenize the rights to a solidarity mechanism related to FIFA. The solidarity mechanism is part of FIFA's transfer regulation. It is the right for a player to sell and to encourage lower level soccer clubs to develop young players. Up to 5% of the value of each international athletic transfer can be shared with all of the clubs that an athlete passed through on their way through FIFA until the age of 23.

The partnership allows Vasco and Mercado Bitcoin to make a token for the solidarity process. People who hold a token will be entitled to a percentage of the salve value of any player to a forming club. There will be 500,000 tokens. They hope to raise around $9 million in United States Dollars. Each token will have a corresponding fraction of the solidarity mechanism rights of up to 12 athletes.

The club leading the way says that it has a long history of developing great players. The club has been seeking a way to use cryptocurrency as a method of generating more income. It has been looking for an opportunity since 2018. The initiative is part of a larger strategic plan between legal, financial and team leaders as well as the players. A legal team heads up the digital currencies and securities regulatory action committee.

The team had a formal consultation with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil before it made the announcement. The token will not be classified as a security under Brazilian law. Vasco da Gama can purchase 20% of the tokens before they go live. The team expects the token to change the way football deals are made. Vasco is the first team to use cryptocurrency in this way. They are confident that it will be a good and consistent source of income for the club. In the past, some other international soccer/football players have been involved in other cryptocurrency ventures.