The world focused on the US presidential election during November's first week. In that time, investors continued to fuel Bitcoin's recent gains. Bitcoin currently enjoys a 100-day streak with a valuation over $10,000. Pricing continues to trade above $14,000 and currently eclipses $15,000. America's election didn't necessarily fuel the recent rise in value. Nonetheless, its results could fuel confidence in cryptocurrency markets.

Is Bitcoin Poised For Continued Growth and A Breakout?

Currently, many investors and analysts cautiously predict a breakout. There's no specific timeline for Bitcoin to jump to its next price target, though. $17,000 per Bitcoin seems like an obvious growth point in the short term. Most investors would prefer to see the cryptocurrency reach its highs from a few years ago. At this point, that could happen sooner rather than later, but that development could still take months or years.

Bitcoin: A Model Of Stability Month After Month Lately

Bitcoin spent the last few months on a steady rise. Unlike previous years, the cryptocurrency has seen extreme stability in pricing. Price spikes and dumps occur here and there like always. Pricing continues to march forward without much retreat, and various factors spell out why stability is the theme nowadays. During this time, investors continue to reap the rewards of constant gains and little negative news.

What's Going On With Bitcoin These Days?

More and more entities continue to adopt blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin. For instance, the Associated Press utilized blockchain to release election results. Such a strategy was seen as safe and secure in a tumultuous election year. HSBC recently used blockchain technology to process an international transfer in under 24 hours. Regular transfers of this nature tend to take 10 days or longer.

Positive News Helps Lift Bitcoin, And The Good Times Should Continue

Bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future. Higher adoption rates of blockchain technology and enthusiastic investors keep lifting the coin's value. Unfortunately, altcoins haven't seen the same level of growth and success across the board. Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency in the world, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. The cryptocurrency may will hit an all-time high soon.