Uniswap has emerged as an important player in the decentralized finance sector of the economy. Its DEX has benefited from its position as the first mover after it became the top spot for new projects and traders in 2020. In December, 400 UNI tokens were sent to all wallet addresses. It was worth $3,500 at the time. Since the beginning of January, the token's value has increased by 335%. It reached an all-time record of $15.35 per token on January 27.

For now, the driving force in UNI's price is the daily volume on its platform. The total value keeps going up. This is a result of new governance features and some metrics that will be used to determine wither or not the token is legitimate to a larger community. The locked value keeps going up. This is one of the important metrics that analysts are keeping their eyes on for the short-term future.

An increase in total volume levels suggests that users of the platform trust it with their funds. It also means that the users enjoy accessing the platform for the rewards that it offers. This is also leading to a boost in the competitiveness of the platform's liquidity pool. The platform recently reached a $3.16 billion total volume on January 24.

Uniswap is the top-ranked DEX when it comes to total volume. When analysts consider lending levels, it ranks fourth. It's behind Maker, AAVE and Compound on lending services. Another reason for Uniswap's fast growth is the big trading volume rise on the platform. Every day in January 2021, the average volume has exceeded $400 million. e in trading volume on the exchange.

The number of available DEX options has grown over the past 10 months. Uniswap has persisted in popularity and is likely to maintain its position this year. The people who held onto their tokens can get extra benefits as the new governance features are implemented. Uniswap's treasury currently has $500 million on ints balance sheet. There is some fresh interest in its upcoming 3.0 version, which will include improvements to its impermanent loss structure.