ETH Takes Aim for the Stars For those who have been following the crypto market recently, it's been quite an exciting ride. With Bitcoin topping out around $41,000 and then gently sliding back down to $32,000 — after two years of a bear market — even disenfranchised investors seem to be coming out of the woodwork and reactivating their Coinbase accounts. Right now, however, the focus is not on BTC. People are hoping to see an Ethereum rally, and several signs seem to indicate that it will.

Why ETH Is on the Path to Good Fortune After Bitcoin started to decline, ETH somehow managed to remain in investors' good graces, hitting its own personal high. Predictably, that was followed by a downtrend. However, the increased interest and investment in crypto is funding a surge that seems unlikely to abate anytime soon. Another promising factor is the indication that whales are investing heavily in ETH these days. Because the market is decentralized, it is easy to see when major money is moving — and all indicators seem to be saying that the big investors are demonstrating faith in ETH. In other words, accumulation has been occurring in dramatic ways. People want to accumulate ETH because they believe that its value will go even higher. For those who are familiar with how quickly crypto can skyrocket, it is indeed a thrilling prospect.

Fascinating Futures One way investors gauge the market is to take a look at the futures. Although ETH's have vacillated quite a bit during this somewhat explosive time, they have now settled down to a healthy rate that indicates sustainable growth. Increases in price and trading activity have also been on target, indicating a real-world demand for ETH. During a time that remains fascinating on a geopolitical level, it would appear that ETH will be one of the crypocurrencies destined to usher in the new age.