A Whirlwind Week in Finance Although there's not even a complete month in the books yet for 2021, there is no doubt that it's been a wild ride for the world of finance — already. As the GameStop and AMC controversies simmer alongside stock platform RobinHood, the crypto realm is experiencing its own dramatic twists and turns. And as the BTC price hovers around $32,000, many are surprised that traditional financial institutions have chosen this relatively unstable time to announce that they plan on getting into BTC futures. After all, the volatility of the crypto market has traditionally been viewed as a detractor among the classic financial community. However, it would appear that BTC's most recent rally up to $41,000 may have convinced investors that crypto is worth their time and resources.

Altcoins Also Affected As is often the case with a Bitcoin rally and inevitable trend downwards, altcoins have also been affected. After a brief rally, they have also pulled back. But with the DeFi sector in full swing, it seems that most on Crypto Twitter have been boasting quite a sunny outlook recently. DeFi protocols are estimated to be worth over $25 billion, and Fantom and Venus have been steadily increasing.

Much Still Up in the Air It is worthwhile to note that the United States now has a new Secretary of the Treasury — Janet Yellen. This new appointment brings a bit of uncertainty to the crypto community. The stimulus package, which may not be as generous as was initially expected, also appears to be affecting the market. It is said that many decided to cash out their stimulus checks and invest them into cryptocurrency, which can seem like a more secure bet during such strange times. No matter what happens, however, the recent bull run and rabid interest in BTC futures have indicated that crypto is here to stay in a big way.