Afri Schoeden, who has been the release manager at Parity Technologies, has quit all Ethereum projects after a controversial tweet that caused widespread outrage across social media. The tweet was sent on Wednesday, February 20. Afri Schoeden spoke with the media about it on February 21. In the tweet, Schoeden criticized Serenity, which he described as not being as good as it should be and compared it to another piece of technology that is better at doing what Serenity should be able to do. Schoeden deleted the tweet, but not before countless people saw it and took screen shots of it. Nothing posted on the internet really goes away. In the interview, Schoeden stated that he will no longer work on Ethereum or Ethereum-related projects. He does plan to remain with the Parity organization. Schoeden believes that people who are a part of the Ethereum community need to come up with a set of shared values. People who pay attention to Ethereum have accused Schoeden of betraying the developer community. Schoeden clarified that he has not quit social media. He has also not quit being a developer. He has left one part of the development world. His words have not alleviated the backlash against him. The development community, especially one around a niche like Ethereum, is small. Offending even a small segment of the population of that community is a bad move. Such an action has lasting and far-reaching consequences. The development community gets things done by word-of-mouth, and tweets like this go viral in a hot second. One blockchain manager went as far as to accuse Schoeden as being the reason why the Serenity project was delayed in the first place. This is a big accusation, and it is one that could stick. Essentially, the situation will boil down to a he said versus he said argument. Both sides will think they are right and will be unwilling to listen to what others have to say. This leads to division in the community, and nobody benefits from this type of a situation. Schoeden may be on his way out.