On February 23, the price of Bitcoin remained just below the $4,000 mark, while other top digital currencies saw mixed results. The world's leading cryptocurrency briefly surpassed the $4,000 level during trading before falling back to $3,976. For the day, it fell a modest 0.26%, after rising around 8% for the week from $3,643. At the same time, Ethereum and Ripple continued to maintain their positions as the second and third largest digital currencies by market capitalization. Currently, Ethereum has a total market value of almost $15.6 billion, while Ripple's market value stands at around $13.3 billion. For the day, Ethereum rose a little more than 0.1% and is currently trading at $148, which is about what it started the day at. Trading has also been largely stable, with a mid-day low of only $147. Though it has been a very good week for the cryptocurrency, with it rising almost 17% after starting the week at $123. As for Ripple, like Bitcoin, it experienced only a modest loss, falling about 0.33%, and at the moment it is trading at around $0.32. It, too, had a good week, though not quite as good as Ethereum or Bitcoin. It rose 6% after starting the week at a little more than $0.30. Most of the other digital currencies in the top 20 experienced flat trading. The exceptions were Maker, which rose 6% for the day, and NEM, which gained 5% for the same period. In other cryptocurrency news, this week two industry experts expressed decidedly different expectations for the future of prices. Jesse Lund, who works for IBM as its vice president of blockchain and digital currencies, said that he expects the price of Bitcoin to one day reach $1 million. Countering this opinion was Alexis Ohanian, who is not only one of the co-founders of Reddit but also someone who has been an outspoken cryptocurrency enthusiast. Expressing a much gloomier view of prices, Ohanian said that the hype for digital currencies was now gone, removing speculators from the market and leaving only what he called true believers.