Ethereum Enters a Brave New World By all indications, February 28—or a day that same week—will become a very interesting date in the history of Ethereum. This is the day that experts are predicting block 7,280,000 will be mined. Ordinarily, such an event would not be marked with any type of fanfare. But, as Ethereum revealed on its blog just a few days ago, this block is where the updates have been planned. Known as Constantinople and St. Petersburg, these updates are poised to make some big changes to the coin. Constantinople Finally Emerges After Delays Although Constantinople was set to make its big debut before St. Petersburg, a security flaw pushed back the release date. With Constantinople, miners will find that the block reward has decreased. Additionally, the difficulty bomb will be delayed. The mining process will be made easier, which is why the block rewards are being lowered. The Create2 function will also be introduced. Saint Petersburg Deletes Test Net Update With Saint Petersburg, the team is deleting an update called Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1283 that was in test net. All in all, it seems as though the team is carefully scrutinizing each move they make as they advance onwards, which is probably a good thing for everyone involved. This comes at a time when Ethereum is being mined at lower rates. It's noteworthy that the big exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken, appear to be supportive of the new changes. Alongside other exchanges, such as OKEx, Huobi and Binance, these two will be keeping an eye on the new transformation as it takes place. For those who are holding Ethereum, it's been an exciting few weeks. In a long break with the crypto winter that won't seem to let up, Ethereum finally seems to be emerging from the depths. In the next few weeks, we should know whether or not this progress is going to continue.