Countries in the world that officially speak German have seen a lot of recent updates in the cryptocurrency industry. A Liechtenstein coin exchange has set up a token, creating a $25 million movie fund with American actor Wesley Snipes. Austrian fabric and textile producers have started to use blockchain in order to be more environmentally friendly, and a Swiss cryptocurrency finance firm has grown its business into the Asian marketplace.

The Liechtenstein Exchange The Crypto Assets Exchange of Liechtenstein is setting up a token in order to create a $25 million fund to make a movie with American Wesley Snipes. This news was reported on September 9. Called the Day Walker Movie Fund, it will invest in upcoming movies and television shows produced by Snipes and his production house, which is called Maandi House. Investors get a chance to share in profits.

Lenzing Group In Austria, the textile manufacturer Lenzing Group started testing a blockchain system to guarantee the origins of raw fibers used in clothing. The group explained that blockchain technology allows anybody to find out where wood came from. It can be used in clothing or textiles. The technology gives a consumer the chance to see what a garment is made from by just scanning its bar code before they buy it.

Swiss Expansion Finance AG, based in Zurich, has grown its business into Asia. This is because it has had a lot of growth at home. The company wants to help meet the demand for digital asset products and services overseas. It also wants to bridge the gap between traditional bank loans and cryptocurrency assets.

More Swiss News Also in Switzerland, the finance part of the economy finds blockchain to be an important digital technology. Across many industries, automation and digitization of products and services are important topics. This is according to a recent financial services survey.

Munich Startup A Munich startup called Tangany has set up a new service called Blockchain Wallet as a Service. It offers a software wallet that companies can build into their own apps. It works for Bitcoin and Ether digital coins.