On September 16, Harbor issued a blog post in order to announce that iCap Equity is using the blockchain-enabled platform made by Harbor. The platform is expected to improve iCap Equity's liquidity in four of the funds that is manages for real estate investments. Those investments currently total more than $100 million in real estate assets.

Harbor set up the tokens using the Ethereum blockchain platform. The Ethereum tokens will represent parts of the funds. A partnership between iCap Equity and Harbor will allow independent investors and agents who are employed at the real estate firm to trade the iCap securities with each other.

Setting up a token process for the iCap Equity funds is supposed to enhance the ability of real estate investors to turn their investments into a liquid that they can use for something else. Chris Christiansen is the CEO of iCap Equity. He stated that his firm aims to make a high-yield opportunity for investors. He went on to add that those investments usually stick the investor with a three to five year holding period because of their basis on real estate. He added that with Harbor, iCap Equity will be able to deliver the same solid returns for its investors, but those investors will also have a chance to liquidate their assets if they want to do so before the usual waiting period of three to five years.

According to a past news report for tokenization and investments, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is also doing a similar project. It is setting up tokens for a $25 million fund for making movies. This project is done in coordination with the actor Wesley Snipes. Called the Daywalker Movie Fund, it aims to invest in television shows and upcoming movies that Snipes will produce. The people who invest in the fund will have an opportunity to share in the profits of the productions. They may also get some additional benefits, such as the chance to attend the premiere showing of a film or a release party with Snipes. This token setup could benefit independent films in the future.