According to some very important people who are in the mix, the next few years should be monumental for Coinbase. Of course, the exchange has played a revolutionary role in supplying crypto to the masses. While many are hesitant to set up their wallets and hunt online for a reputable exchange, Coinbase makes it all so easy. With a built-in wallet and other user-friendly features, this exchange has reigned supreme since it started. One of Coinbase's head lawyers, Marcus Hughes, has recently been speaking out about where he sees the future of crypto going within the next 12 months. Perhaps it doesn't come as a shock that he's very bullish about Bitcoin, stating that he believes the currency will be around for a very long time. Investor Alistair Milne, however, seems even more bullish. He predicts that Bitcoin will be around for another century! Everyone in the crypto community, however has seen how adoption has been a bit of a problem. But Hughes in particular believes that this will change within the next year. As big financial institutions sink major funds into the crypto market, suddenly the whole idea of digital currency will appeal to a new base of consumers. Another big player in the crypto market, Changpeng Zhao of Binance, has remarked on how much work has been accomplished during this most recent bear market. Without all of the hectic buying and selling of a bull run, those who are committed to the crypto space have been able to improve upon it. And as a result, Zhao firmly believes that the current market is very undervalued. As far as the current prices go, experts are urging people not to buy until BTC gets above the $4,200 mark. Similarly, they're not seeing much happening with Ripple these days. Ethereum also has a bit of a way to go, and sellers will be on the right track until it hits over $150 or so. EOS, XLM, LTC, BSV, ADA and TRX are all enmeshed in similar holding patterns; investors are cautioned to wait it out.