Digital currencies that offer the ultimate in privacy and anonymity are expected to be a major trend in 2019; to this effect, the GRIN privacy coin is already making headlines. GRIN was launched earlier this month to significant interest from the cryptocurrency community. Even though privacy coins have been around for a couple of years, enthusiasts are always looking to welcome new technologies that can make electronic financial transactions more private and secure. GRIN has been developed with a peculiar functionality: when transactions are completed, the identities of the parties are obfuscated along with the value of the money transfer. In order to provide maximum privacy, the GRIN network must perform intricate calculations that require considerable processing power; to this effect, a Hong Kong hardware manufacturer recently announced availability of special graphics cards specifically designed to mine GRIN tokens. Sapphire, the GPU maker, has previously released blockchain mining products for major cryptocurrencies, and the company has not been deterred by the protracted bear market; in fact, Sapphire executives are focusing on graphics cards that can be used to mine tokens other than Bitcoin, a crypto coin that will soon reach its limit of available tokens. GPUs dedicated to mining tokens are part of an emerging trend that seeks to respond to the shortage of graphics cards experienced in recent years. Major GPU manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD were barely able to keep up with demand, and many PC gaming fans were forced to pay exorbitant prices on eBay just to upgrade their systems. As with anything related to the digital currency markets, only time will tell how GRIN will perform; still, miners who get an early start will always be in a better position, and this is something that Sapphire knows very well. In the past, researchers have been able to reveal the identities of Bitcoin holders, thus making privacy tokens more attractive to many people. It should be noted that GRIN miners have an opportunity to become market makers if demand builds for this new token, and this means increased potential of realizing profits when GRIN becomes an established crypto coin.