Bitcoin investors and traders of digital currencies are still waiting for a signal that will shake up the markets and set off the first rally of 2019. A few notable headlines were reported on January 23, but they did not result in major price movements. In Japan, banking executives are working with financial regulators to complete a series of blockchain projects that will power payment networks in time for the Tokyo Olympics next year. The idea is to take advantage of the considerable international attention that this sporting event brings, thus positioning Japan as a potential leader in digital currency transactions. In the United States, the president of the Nasdaq exchange had positive things to say about the potential use of blockchain applications in mainstream financial networks. As with other Wall Street giants, Nasdaq executives have no reservations about digital currencies being traded as an asset class, but there is a clear need to integrate them into the economy, and this is something that will require major involvement from regulatory agencies. The two aforementioned reports were released on the same day, but they did not elicit a major reaction from traders. As the situation stands, Bitcoin is showing signs of low volatility despite a couple of reports by technical analysts who believe that a breakout is imminent. With BTC holding the line above $3,000 and posting small gains, there are good points to be made about a move towards $4,255 over the next few weeks. As for Ethereum, selling pressure has not resulted in an exchange price of $100, a situation that many traders hoped for earlier this month. Volatility has not accompanied ETH as the token has remained within the $115 to $120 range. The prospect of a mini rally would be stronger should sellers manage to lower the exchange rate closer to the $100 mark. Should the currency move in the opposite direction, technical traders do not expect it to go beyond $134 before tracing back down towards $115. Ripple is another token currently on a holding pattern. Trading volume has been stable as XRP stays around the $0.30 level, but traders have strong feelings about a mini rally pushing closer towards $0.50 this year.