Many experts, including CNBC contributor Brian Kelly, believe that the bear market for cryptocurrencies may be coming to an end. Among the top performing currencies, there are many positive signs. 1. Binance Coin Driving Binance's performance was the opening of a new exchange on the Isle of Jersey, which was established specifically for European customers worried about Brexit. Investors were bullish on the news, but it remains to be seen if this momentum will continue. Though some think that, if it can rise from its $5.50-$7 range, it could go all the way to $15. 2. Cardano The performance of Cardano was reportedly driven by two factors. First, the upcoming Project Shelly update, which will make the cryptocurrency entirely autonomous and decentralized. The other factor propelling its performance is the forthcoming Dedalus wallet, which purports to be the most secure cryptocurrency in the world. But some believe Project Shelly is moving too slowly. Others, though, think that, if the currency can pass the $0.06 level from its current $0.04-$0.05 range, it could go all the way to $0.2. 3. IOTA While IOTA has not been exploding, it has been moving upward. Some believe that this movement is related to possible collaborations, including with the United Nations. Some analysts are wondering if this movement will help it break into the top 10 digital currencies. Experts think that, if it can climb from its current $0.275-$0.325 range past the $0.4 price point, it could reach $0.6 or even $0.81. 4. NEO NEO, too, is trying to break into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. While it has been falling, it has not been falling sharply. It also has been bolstered by collaboration rumors. Specifically, with the Russian government. It has been trading in the $7.5-$8 range, but some think that, if it can break through this level, it could go all the way to $20. 5. Tron Tron is now securely among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, thanks to its BTT token, which will operate on both Tron's network and BitTorrent's. It is currently trading in a $0.02-$0.03 range, with some analysts targeting a price of $0.04.