Bitcoin Getting Some Love from a Celebrity? In the crypto community, it was the tweet heard around the world. Actress Maisie Williams, best known for playing the heroic Arya Stark on the HBO series, "Game of Thrones," posted a poll on her Twitter account. To her audience of almost three million followers, Williams asked a simple question: "Should I go long on Bitcoin?" It is interesting to note that, although Crypto Twitter went wild, the rest of the Twitter community may not be so enamored of BTC. With almost 900,000 votes in so far, 54.5% of voters advised the young actress not to go long on Bitcoin, while 45.5% voted yes.

The Excitement of a Bull Run Although it's pretty unusual for Bitcoin to attract this kind of attention from a celebrity, it has been an interesting few weeks for the cryptocurrency. After the meteoric rise of 2017 — and then the spectacular downfall of 2018 and a recent rise — Bitcoin hasn't had such an easy time of it for the past few years. In fact, one might even say that it's been a bear market this whole time. It is quite possible that some of the Twitter users taking Williams' poll had been burnt by Bitcoin in the past. But many in Crypto Twitter came up with cutesy ways to assure Williams that the digital currency would not plummet once again. The Winklevoss twins' group, Gemini, tweeted at Williams that winter was not coming for BTC. This, of course, was a reference to the popular saying coined by House Stark on "Game of Thrones". Throughout the entire series, characters from the Stark house continually refer to the fact that winter is coming. At the end of the show, of course, this does become a reality.

An Interesting Time for BTC If anything, Williams' tweet illustrates that there are many outside of Bitcoin who are looking to cash in. Whether or not she will make an investment seems like a moot point; the fact that people are talking about the currency is the most important indicator of future success right now.