The Blockchain Game Alliance recently wrapped up its 2020 Game Demo event, which unfolded between November 4 and 11, and which offered a glimpse at the future of video games that take advantage of distributed ledger technology. The incorporation of blockchain networks into gaming has thus far been mostly limited to online casinos, but some of the titles showcased at the Game Demo indicate that developers are looking to expand beyond blockchain gambling.

Here are a few descriptions of the most exciting blockchain gaming projects currently under development:

Somnium Space

This is not technically a game; it is a virtual reality platform similar to Second Life and Habbo Hotel, but it is shaping up to be a place where users will be able to enjoy games along with advanced social media features. Somnium Space has been selling virtual plots of land in exchange for Ethereum tokens. Thus far, 113 ETH have been collected by the developer. The Somnium VR platform will soon expand to mobile devices, and it will include support for game developers who wish to monetize their titles.

Reality Clash

For players who are more interested in augmented reality will probably be more interested in Reality Clash, a mobile title that transforms players into avatars who can battle others in a digital space. An interesting feature of Reality Clash is that real-life movements and positions are translated into the gaming platform. The game also takes advantage of near-field communications to modify characters and transfer weapons.

Town Star

Not all blockchain titles feature high-tech concepts such as virtual reality; in fact, most games are casual and involve cryptocurrency rewards. Town Star, an emerging title developed by Gala Games, is a farming management simulator that features weekly competitions and special tournaments in which players can earn fractions of tokens. As can be expected, in-game purchases will be available in Town Star.

Mines of Dalarnia

Remember the classic Atari game Dig Dug? Mines of Alarnia offers a similar premise and game mechanism, but there are economic rewards involved in multiplayer mode, which also features collaboration as users mine for cryptocurrency tokens.