In a recent post by Zoe Konstantopoulou, alleged BTC-e money launderer Alexander Vinnik has been extradited to France. The social media update was posted at UTC 8:10 by Konstantopoulou, who is Vinnik's lawyer. In the post, the lawyer stated that Vinnik is at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris. The lawyer was informed of this by a French colleague.

The lawyer added that authorities in Greece are not responding to her inquiries and are pretending to not know anything about the situation. Vinnik has not been allowed to have any visitors. The lawyer stated that she expects Vinnik to be questioned at any time. She added that Vinnik is exhausted and without communication or any additional information. She has already sent a request to postpone his court hearing, which was scheduled for January 24. The lawyer added that in her opinion, this is a leveling of the rule of law.

In an earlier report about this situation, Greece announced that it planned to extradite Vinnik to France. This is contrary to Vinnik's preferences and to the preferences of members of the government of Russia. That January 23 announcement was followed with a lot of uncertainty because the Russian news outlet RIA Novosti stated that there was a lot of confusion among the legal counsel of Vinnik. That confusion was about his location after he was removed from the hospital that housed him for a while. At that time, his whereabouts were unknown.

Another concern is the medical condition of Vinnik. Counsel Konstantopoulou wrote on Facebook that in every way the governments of Greece and other nations are trying to frighten him and antagonize him, he has experienced a worsening of his health. He has already been in prison for more than 30 months, without facing any charges and only has his life. She added that he is essentially facing a psychological war that is pushing him to the limits of existence. Vinnik was arrested in late July 2017 on allegations that he laundered more than $4 billion in Bitcoin over a period of six years as the head of BTC-e.