Over the past months, Tron has made a big name for itself in the cryptocurrency asset and DApp worlds. However, a lot of its transactions rely on the industry of gambling, which is a big drawback. A solid 17 out of the top 25 of the most heavily-used Tron DApps are within the gambling category on Dapp Radar's list of the most popular Tron DApp protocols.

The top 25 list has eight Tron-based DApps that are not related to gambling. Those eight DApps are in a range of other categories, including exchanges, general games and high-risk. Each of those non-gambling DApps have much lower volume for trading and use compared to the 17 DApps that are listed in the gambling category. The two exceptions are the applications that are categorized as exchanges.

As a comparison the top 25 Ethereum-based DApps have only three applications that are categorized as gambling. Tron's prevalence in the gambling category topped in April 2019, when the company started to tout itself as the most rapidly expanding group of DApp users. Ethereum, Tron and EOS dominated the field in 2019 in regards to the usage levels of DApps. They accounted for a combined 98.65 percent of the total DApp transaction volume for 2019, per an analysis completed in January 2020.

The Tron ecosystem had an amazing $4.4 billion in trading volume in 2019. Its gambling DApps accounted for at least 89 percent of that cash flow. This is from an analysis performed by a DApp review specialist. In the report, Tron's decentralized application setup was described as the 'Las Vegas of blockchain.'

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, had an informal meeting with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during the week of January 20. After their lunch meeting, Sun tweeted about it. The tweet was sent on January 24. Sun was contacted for additional comment by cryptocurrency journalists, but he did not respond or add to the tweet. Cryptocurrency traders and analysts will just have to wait and see if Sun and Wozniak have something new in the works for the world of cryptocurrency in year 2020.