Without a doubt, cryptocurrency owners need to prioritize their own digital security. Such people remain prime targets for phishing attacks from thieves. A phishing attack often leads to direct access to cryptocurrency wallets or accounts. Unfortunately, tracking phishing attacks and cryptocurrency thefts can be impossible. Chances are high thieves successfully steal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency after a phishing attack. A cryptocurrency cannot afford to eschew digital security.

Consider the following four tips to avoid phishing attacks:

  1. Know The Source Of All Emails

Everyone should know where their emails come from. No unsolicited or unexpected emails should be opened. For each sender, individuals must verify the sender by checking out their email address. Simple phishing attacks often use similar but incorrect email addresses to trick users. Opening these emails, clicking links, or downloading files leads to countless problems. Therefore, knowing the sender is vital 100% of the time.

  1. Verify The Authenticity of Software Downloads and Updates

Similarly, thieves often use fake software downloads or updates to trick internet users. The user downloads these files and then the phishing attack occurs. Most users won't even know something went wrong with their download. To avoid this situation, users need to download software and updates from their original source. It's important to avoid sketchy download websites or sites that aggregate software downloads.

  1. Use Anti-Phishing Tools and Resources

Many cryptocurrency users manage their wallets via web browsers. Not everyone owns and maintains a hardware wallet or offline software. Luckily, web browsers continue to implement more and more anti-phishing measures to protect users. The same goes for many email providers and cryptocurrency exchanges. Usres should always take advantage of these security measures to avoid a majority of phishing attacks that arise.

  1. Share Phishing Attempts and Attacks With The Community

Users cannot ignore phishing attempts and successful attacks. In fact, they should post about their experiences online to warn other cryptocurrency owners. Awareness helps protect everyone from losing their cryptocurrencies. A simple online post could make dozens of people aware of phishing attacks so that they can avoid them. Increased awareness leads to a direct decrease in the number of successful phishing attacks.