There's no doubt that the world of crypto has been drumming up some serious publicity as of late. After all, with Bitcoin soaring to record highs after a long bear market, investors are excited to get back into the swing of things. And for those who believe they have already seen everything when it comes to the eclectic universe of crypto, one of the latest popular projects is so "out there" that it's possible many ETH enthusiasts won't even believe the plan at first glance.

The whole thing hinges on a hamster named Mia. Technically, Mia is a Djungarian. In laymen's terms, this makes her a winter white dwarf hamster. At a length of only about three inches, Mia will find herself taking on a monumental task — powering a hamster wheel that will then activate marbles that race their way to the end of a game board. Obviously, whichever color marble finishes first will be declared the winner. All of the games will happen live, allowing betters to relish in the pleasure of pure, fair gaming. All of the action will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain for posterity, providing Mia with her chance to become basically immortal, even after she's finished her days of running. What remains to be seen is whether or not crypto fiends — who tend to be a gambling kind of group — become fans of Mia.

Of course, as with any blockchain project, there were a few hiccups along the way with this one. Like most youngsters, Mia had quite a bit of energy when she was a pup. This excess energy sometimes expressed itself when Mia would bite the hands of her trainers. However, it wasn't long before she was happily running, setting in motion a game that possesses the potential to become quite popular in the high-stakes crypto world.