Cryptocurrency trading has attracted many individuals who are new to exchanging securities. Tradelize is a new software platform and cryptocurrency ecosystem that looks to help beginners make successful trades. The ecosystem is currently in beta as its developers prepare for a complete launch of the Tradelize website and an initial coin offering.

The tools provided by Tradelize are sophisticated, but they are also delivered in a way that lets novices copy the trades of experienced professionals. It is a goal of this platform to allow investors the ability to access multiple pieces of information on a digital asset. This means that traders would not have to rely on different services and sources of data to get a clearer picture of their trades.

The Tradelize platform itself is based on the blockchain, and this is what makes it possible for individuals to copy the trades of others. The company also plans to introduce a feature which offers detailed analysis of an individual's trading performance over a period of two months. Professional traders who demonstrate proficiency in the market may be able to manage a fund of up to $500,000 for the platform, and those same traders could also receive a commission from the profits of others who copy their trades.

Another hallmark of the Tradelize platform is its brokerage capabilities. The developers want to create an environment where traders can make trades on multiple exchanges from a single interface. This would remove the need to create several trading accounts at different exchanges.

The developers are stressing the unique advantages of cryptocurrency trading as they prepare for an ICO. The digital token sale will raise funds for the development of the platform. Tradelize is hoping to attract new investors by pointing out the 24/7 nature of the cryptocurrency market. They are also hoping that allowing new investors to copy successful trades will help to minimize trader risk.