The Singaporean investment company Temasek has officially denied any involvement in the Initial Public Offering for crypto-miner Bitmain, according to a public statement dated made by the company in August 30. Temasek is the latest company to deny such involvement with the famous cryptocurrency miner. In the official statement, Temasek had not only claimed that they were not involved, but they also denied having any contact with Bitmain whatsoever, claiming any reports to the contrary were false.Earlier in the month, Temasek was listed as one of Bitmain's key investors in its pre-IPO funding round. Apparently, Temasek had committed a total of $560 million to the pre-IPO. In these reports, Temasek was said to be reconsidering its involvement with Bitmain due to alleged misrepresentation of its backers by co-founder and CEO Jihan Wu. Bitmain, a Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware powerhouse, had made claims to many investors in its pre-IPO, claiming a $15 billion valuation in the beginning of August. Aside from Temasek, the deal reportedly included the participation of a variety of investors, such as Tencent, DTS Global, and SoftBank. Tencent, a Chinese tech corporation, claimed not to have invested in the IPO, according to the Hong Kong-based news source AAStocks. However, it provided no further clarification. DTS Global, an investment firm based in Hong Kong that had also denied involvement with the IPO, was indicated as having been involved according to Bitmain's pre-investor deck which suggested that DTS's investment was completed. As the document was in Chinese, the exact meaning could be disputed, but it looks very much like Bitmain had, indeed, acquired funds from DTS. The Japanese-based SoftBank - which also happens to be Uber's largest shareholder with a fifteen percent stake in the company - also denied any participation, claiming reports of involvements were false. According to Kenichi Yuasa of SoftBank's Corporate Communications Office, neither Softbank Group Corp. nor Softbank Vision Fund had any involvement, claiming the rumors were "background talk" not worth bringing up. As of now, Bitmain has remained silent on the matter, with no statements regarding the wave of denials regarding involvement with them.