Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in countries experiencing an economic crisis, such as Venezuela and Turkey. At a time when their national currency is quickly losing value, many individuals in these countries see cryptos as a safer way to save money. Increased crypto trading volumes during periods of economic volatility in these countries shows that if a big economic crisis hits the world, demand for cryptos will increase significantly, sending prices up. Here's an overview of how the major cryptocurrencies have been doing lately: Bitcoin The world's most popular crypto has been trending up, showing that the bulls are still in charge. It's expected that the BTC/USD pair will get the opportunity to rally to $8,000 in the near future. Ethereum Since August 11, Ethereum has been trading within a symmetrical triangle. It's now time for the coin to break out or break down from it. The ETH/USD pair is facing selling at the downtrend line and at the $358 level. Ripple Ripple hasn't seen any major movements lately and has stayed within the $0.31 to $0.3739 range since August 18. The coin's 20-day EMA is now flat and the 50-day SMA is on a downward trend, indicating that selling activities have mainly subsided. Bitcoin Cash After staying within a relatively tight range from August 15 to August 31, Bitcoin cash has finally broken out of it and experienced a sharp rally on September 1 and 2. EOS While EOS closed above its 50-day SMA on September 1, it hasn't yet picked up much momentum. It's believed that if a breakout above $7.25 happens, the EOS/USD pair can quickly rally past $9. Stellar Stellar appears to have reached a state of equilibrium lately. Its trading has been relatively uneventful lately, staying within the $0.184 and $0.24987 range. Litecoin Litecoin looks like it's turning around and is attempting to break out of its 50-day SMA and downtrend line. If it succeeds, it has the potential to go up to $74. Cardano For the lat six days, Cardano has been sitting at the upper end of its range. As it has been relatively stable, it shows that investors aren't too keen to dump their coins yet. IOTA During the last seven days, IOTA has been caught between its 20-day EMA and 50-day SMA. It's believed that if the IOTA/USD pair can finally reach $0.9150, a rally to $1.24 is possible. Monero Monero has finally broken out of its long-term downtrend and is now getting closer towards its overhead resistance of $150. However, it's expected that the XMR/USD pair will become negative if it falls below the $109 level.