Suseong University, located in South Korea, has completed a deal with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association. The deal is to make a blockchain and artificial intelligence campus in Daegu. The information was released on May 22. In the announcement published in their local media outlet, the Daegu university plans to teach courses on artificial intelligence, big data and cloud-based technology services in the new academic department. Students will be accepted into courses and the new major by the 2021 academic year.

Observers think the new department could be related to the growing adoption of blockchain resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kim Kun-woo, who is the director of the Planning and Coordination Division of the Daegu university had a lot of positive things to say about the announcement. He said all these rapid changes in the world and technology have inspired people to create a blockchain and artificial intelligence-based society, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot to push these ideas forward.

This announcement happened at the same time as several blockchain firms in Daegu agreed to offer training and work experience for students who participate in the program. Those services will take place on the Daegu campus. The university also has plans to set up user-friendly services that will increase the cohesiveness between education at the university and administration of academic programs. They will do this with experts in the technology field.

South Korea continues to be a champion of blockchain and related technologies. Its government continues to hold a pro-blockchain stance around development of the industry and related services. In a previous announcement from April 17, Koo Yun-cheol stated that the blockchain market is a golden opportunity for South Korea to become a leader in blockchain development. Koo Yun-cheol is the nation's Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance. They want private companies to take advantage of this situation.

On March 17, two of the South Korean government ministries voiced their support of blockchain. They announced plans for $3.2 million in funding to startup firms. The funds are to boost blockchain technology development and use in the nation.