Some analysts want to know what would have to happen in order for Bitcoin to cement itself as a valid investment option to the general public. Aleks Svetski, who is the CEO and co-founder of the Bitcoin investment firm called Amber, said that the answer is simply, "Time." He said it is not a technical revolution. It is a monetary revolution. That takes a long time to come to fruition. In the past, it took centuries. With today's technology, Bitcoin might be able to do it in a few decades.

In spite of a lot of market instability, Bitcoin has had a big rebound. It dropped 50 percent in March. COVID-19 fear and market uncertainty drove that drop. However, it had an even more astounding rebound. It rose 130 percent from its low price. The positive growth for Bitcoin is happening at the same time as an unstable market for just about every other type of investment.

Traditional market indicators have had terrible performance that is as bad as the market crash from 1987. Business closures and COVID-19 prevention measures halted a lot of economic activities. Although the markets have made some recovery, high unemployment numbers continue to be a cause for concern.

As a global asset, Bitcoin is independent from most government control. This makes it attractive to a lot of investors. Svetski said that the more holes there are in society, the more people will want to stash their wealth in something that seems immune from government interference.

Recently, Bitcoin has had a lot of interest from mainstream investors. This includes Paul Tudor Jones, who is a billionaire. Svetski said there are two reasons for getting the public involved in cryptocurrency investments. He explained that people will get into it either for curiosity or for relief of pain. He would also add greed, but that could come under the umbrella of curiosity. Even traditionalists, such as JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon, have recently changed their tune on cryptocurrency investments. He recently announced using their lending services for cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and Coinbase. Dimon previously called Bitcoin a big fraud.