The profitability of Ripple is going up this year, especially since they had released their token platform. In just the third fiscal quarter of 2018, they had doubled their revenue in token sales. This may likely be due to the recent implementation to on-chain tokens, which is competitive with the likes of Ethereum or NEO. Between XRP and the company's subsidiaries, they sold over $163.33 million in cryptocurrency. This was an increase of more than double than what we saw in previous quarters. In particular, investment firms and financial transaction companies have in interest in what XRP can do. As Ripple's presence is growing significantly within large companies and government, Ripple is seeking mass adoption through various means. One of which is the Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition, in which they will be lobbying financial regulators in Washington DC. Klein/Johnson Group is the lobbying company representing Ripple in their quest for financial regulation change. Hopefully, they change that they seek will help the blockchain and cryptocurrency development community in its entirety. They hope to increase innovation in Blockchain development by more American companies. Taking a closer look at Klein/Johnson Group, they are a bipartisan lobbying group that supports multiple industries. The group openly advertises multiple services in government policy management. This includes packages like "Crisis Management", "Public Policy", and "Strategic Consulting". Obviously, the company has an aptitude in relating with government regulators. The group has worked with other large companies, like Civitas Capital, Oracle, and First Data. Their reputation has exceeded most other lobby groups from times past as they are able to work with both sides of the aisle. They also have experience working with technology and finance, which makes a perfect fit for Ripple's new campaign. Ripple will be paying this group in a combination of fiat money and XRP. This is likely to be the first case of a mass lobbying campaign from a cryptocurrency company. It is still too early to tell the future of cryptocurrency legislation, or even the future of Ripple, but this is the step in the right direction.