Two derivative tokens that run on advanced blockchain platforms are reaching record currency exchange values thanks to a new service launched by the Binance exchange. Smart Chain is a trading platform where investors can conduct transactions of Ethereum-based tokens such as Venus and TVL, but the exchange conversion and transfer fees they face are sharply lower.

The Venus token has appreciated by 900% since Smart Chain went live a few days ago. The market capitalization of TVL climbed to more than $3.5 billion. These blockchain projects offer various alternatives to financial operations such as running stablecoin tokens. In the case of the Venus project, for example, the development team would like to position itself as a candidate to be acquired by Facebook. It is important to remember that the world's most popular social network has been working on Project Libra, a digital currency for users of the network, and which would ostensibly be priced based on the average value of major currencies such as the United States dollar, the euro, the yen, and others.

Most new blockchain projects run on the Ethereum platform, and market analysts believe that this trend will likely continue for a few years. Ethereum is a cryptographic network that allows people to transact data without using a central authority, and this has helped to create an incredible level of data integrity as well as trust in completed transactions, but the financial sector is not quite ready to implement blockchain networks for currency operations; nonetheless, the distributed ledger technology is already being used by some banks.

The Smart Chain platform allows users to transfer virtual tokens to other users or exchange them to USD. Bitmain, the leading manager of the Ethereum network, is offering its base system at the same time, but traders have complained that the high fees keep adding up and cut into their profit potential. What the launch of this new Binance service platform tells us is that investors continue to be interested in decentralized finance tokens, and this interest has little relation to the prospect of new blockchain platforms emerging to dethrone Bitcoin or Ethereum. Speculation is still at the heart of the cryptocurrency trading game.