When Michael Winkelmann was 26, he started on an artistic journey. His epic plan had him create a new piece of digital artwork in his personal time. He calls the collection "Everydays." He saw a big step up in the work that he does. Winkelmann now has a streak of 5,000 days of creating artwork.

Beeple is how Winklemann prefers to be known. He's been commissioned by some huge acts, which include Imagine Dragons and Justin Bieber. Last year, he was thought of as a trailblazer in the digital art community. He's now about to go mainstream as Christies Auction House will offer a collage of the 5000 Everydays pieces. It goes to auction on February 25 and can be bid on through March 11.

As for Christies, its spokesperson said that the digital collage is the first time Beeple's work will be sold at auction. It will be done in a traditional way. Its authenticity has been verified with blockchain technology.

The work of Beeple focuses on pop culture and politics. An example is a piece he did when Jeff Bezos announced his retirement as CEO of Amazon. Beeple created a digital piece of art featuring Bezos as an octopus. The broad message that Beeple tries to convey is that sticking with something and practicing it for a long time should lead to improvement and a honing of one's craft.

The project has gone on for 13 years. Now 39, Winklemann decided to convert his Instagram art into an election-themed collectible. it sold for $66,660.60. In December, he auctioned additional art and netted $3.5 million. One piece in December's auction sold for $777,777. He also sold a lot of images for $969, and those have now increased in value.

Winkelmann doesn't plan to stop creating art. He plans to keep going with the Everydays and expand upon his existing project. Being able to generate income from it is a plus, but it's not why he started to do it. Beeple will continue releasing digital artwork, and the plan is to hold more auctions of it in the near future.