It was bound to happen at some point this year, and it happened on September 22: Bitcoin lost considerable ground during a spectacular selloff despite the effort of bullish traders who had diligently attempted to push the token back towards the $50K psychological trading level.

What exactly is happening in the world of crypto? The crypto market has been experiencing one of the most difficult periods ever seen since the bull market started in mid-2017. The market’s value continues to plummet, and many investors have recently lost their entire investments. You can blame this situation on excessive volatility or pressure from regulators, but you should not forget about the tokens that have prevailed through this market correction.


AVAX has posted gains higher than 28% over the last few days; it has a circulating supply of 15,300,000,000 and a total supply of 17,200,000,000. Avalanche is a blockchain-based, smart contract platform that enables secure business and financial transactions. It uses a novel consensus mechanism to achieve the objective of zero transaction fees and instant transaction finality. The protocol is designed to allow AVL to enable users to easily run Dapps and use smart contracts with built-in security mechanisms.


The relative strength of this token is 26% higher than Bitcoin as we get closer to the end of the month. The only notable change in COTI this week was that the founder and CEO of the exchange, Paul Eidelman, had something to say about the state of the crypto market. However, while most of the market took this as a sign of trouble, Eidelman appeared to see this as a sign of progress. This is not exactly fundamental news, but it worked for COTI investors.


The token that trades as TRAC has experienced a spike in demand with over 60,000 new users downloading the app. OriginTrail's TRAC token is traded primarily on OKEx and Binance — two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with the former leading with USD 24.2M while the latter holds 27.3M TRAC. This month, the number of TRAC traded on OKEx increased by 3,096.