Bitcoin has had sideways trading for about a month. Its performance has been upstood by some alternate coins, including Ether and Chainlink. Bitcoin has had its lowest volatility since November 2018. Its trading volume and pairing to the United States dollar have dropped by 56% and 44%, respectively. Overall, global cryptocurrency trading volumes dropped by 49.3% in June.

Some people say those are factors in the drop of Bitcoin's price. Others are pointing out a few bull factors. A shift in the demographics of investors could lead to new highs in Bitcoin, for example. About half of all Bitcoin buyers are in the Millennial generation. Their search for financial freedom could put more buying pressure on Bitcoin.

In a recent report, analysts explained that the Millennial generation is reaching the peak age of investment maturity. They are a tech-savvy generation, too. Boomers are also buying more Bitcoin. A survey of Canadian investors showed that Bitcoin ownership among Baby Boomers, who are 56 to 76 years old, has tripled. Similar results were found in the United Kingdom, too.

This shows a shift in investing power to the newer adult generation. The increasing interest in Bitcoin across generations could boost its price. Institutional traders will also play an important role. The analysts' report went on to add that buying pressure from Generation X and Baby Boomers may be related to a desire for long-term investments for the future of their own children.

For now, there is no shortage of opportunities for an institution to get involved in digital coins. Young investors are also increasingly turning to socially responsible and environmentally friendly investments. One survey showed that more than 80% of investors want to put their money in a socially conscious project. The Millennial generation also demonstrates a lot of concern around discrimination, financial inclusion and climate change in what they do with their money. Their high aptitude for new technology will put Millennial and Generation X members in good position for making big moves within the world of digital coin and cryptocurrency investments. The influx of funds is likely to continue rolling.