According to Fabio Canesin, who is a co-founder of Nash, there will be a lot of unique opportunities that come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nash is a blockchain fintech firm that has an ability to do business without borders, which is just what Canesin thinks the world will need in the short-term future. He said that the best use of blockchain will be in three specific industries in the era after the pandemic. These industries are nonprofits, government and small to mid-size companies.

About the use of blockchain in government, Canesin said that stimulus payments could be sent that way instead of using the traditional systems that are slow and prone to problems. Blockchain would also allow individuals to have accounts right on the network instead of having to use an intermediary, such as a bank or check cashing service.

In regards to the nonprofits, he said that donations would be easier to do with blockchain. Being able to give directly to an organization instead of through a Go Fund Me or Kickstarter campaign would reduce fees and ensure that more of the funds get to where they are needed. Funds would also be instantaneously available.

Canesin also shared some thoughts on what blockchain could do in the future for small- and medium-size businesses. He thinks that it will be easier for companies to hire overseas workers. This may not be a good thing for Americans, though. He also had a few thoughts about how cryptocurrencies could lessen the current crisis. The digital coins offer more of a safe haven from poorly managed national currencies.

One example Canesin used was Lebanon. The country already had a banking crisis. People saw their savings disappear due to inflation. They are also dealing with withdrawal limits at banks and ATMs. With cryptocurrencies, withdrawals are not blocked. Most of the digital currencies have protection against inflation. Their decentralized nature makes one country's inflation problem less of a risk with digital coins. He did not elaborate on how a person who currently operates on cash would be able to get a start in cryptocurrencies.