A lot of DApps and games that are based on blockchain use a casino-style setup that allows the player to use cryptocurrency. Fun Fair is a white-label casino with a blockchain base and turnkey setup. Its platform aims to offer services with no monthly minimums or setup fees.

The platform has a native token called FUN. This fuels all the functions on the platform. Players use it to make bets. Winnings are paid in FUN tokens. The tokens are used to compensate developers and pay for services and fees for the in-game affiliates. Since January 28, FUN's value has rallied by 183%. Wagers are up, and so is the transfer volume.

Fun Fair is not itself a casino. It holds a testnet version. Even so, its links to two real options are powered by its own technology. The initial coin offering in June 2017 raised $26 million. The founders and advisors kept 14.4% of it. The Fun Fair Foundation retained 64.3%, and the FUN tokens were 21.3%. Since then, it has eliminated more than 6 billion tokens. The supply is now at 11 billion tokens.

The Fun Fair group wants to be more transparent. It aims to eliminate cheating at all levels. The plan is to do this with peer-to-peer technology and smart contracts. Doing that would eliminate the need for a third-party reviewer. The whole system is based in HTML5.

In October 2020, Fun Fair made a second business unit. Its purpose is to test multiplayer games. Shamrock Treasures was the first game released in the new project. It is available to third parties and approved by regulators. It has also added second-layer solutions that lower gas fees. Its wallet supports xDAI.

Fun Fair's active participants have increased by 255% this quarter. The total number of players went up by 140%. The integration of Meta Mask could be a game changer in the near future. Social activities in Fun Fair are also on the rise. Its transparency and white-label technology are likely to attract more users and some great game designers. This could lead to more growth in 2021.