Alt Season Has Finally Arrived] For years, it has seemed like Crypto Twitter has been trying to make alt season happen. On what seemed like a daily basis, a big crypto influencer would lay out their reasons for why alt season was right around the corner. Many would even shill their favorite coins, hoping to at least get some momentum going. However, these hopes never seemed to quite materialize — until now. With ETH skyrocketing to around $1,700 and BTC shooting right back up to $40,000 after a noticeable dip, it would appear that Bitcoin is back on track — and in a big way.

Will ETH Hit $2,000 Before Settling? These days, it seems as if the sky may be the limit when it comes to Ethereum. And it isn't just individual investors who are taking notice of the altcoin's impressive performance. Institutions have started to slowly realize that BTC isn't the only game in town when it comes to crypto. There are many in the crypto community who believe that the coin is not going to stop until it reaches $2,000. With crypto, the rule is that a coin will usually hit dizzying heights and then settle to a lower price for a bit.

Gas Fees Seen as a Barrier to Growth For anyone who was attempting to send an ETH transaction last week, it was plainly obvious that there is still a lot of work to be done on the ETH infrastructure before the altcoin is widely adopted. With gas fees topping out at an outrageous $17.50 per average transaction, it was easy to see why many have been highlighting this issue as a barrier to ETH's widespread adoption. In the coming months, it should be interesting to see how gas fees affect ETH as a whole — and to see just how high it may be able to go.