Dfuse has changed its advanced blockchain APIs to open-source. The APIs read blockchain data, and are used in EOS development. The advantages of open-sourcing the data stack of Dfuse is in providing developers with the power and access to build improved blockchain applications while enjoying free access to this high-performance platform. This will work to rapidly advance development efforts to integrate Dfuse onto more blockchain platforms.

Dfuse – What Is It? Dfuse is a blockchain API company. They create a robust set of APIs that read blockchain data on the Ethereum, EOS, and Eosio based platforms. EOS has fast blockchain data that makes it hard to employ software that reads it as with blockchain explorers.

Dfuse will take detailed snapshots of the blockchain in addition to supporting real-time reading. Dfuse will also improve certain aspects of Ethereum, including complex interactions, and tracing cascading contract executions.

They are clearly taking steps to simplify the process and empower users by making the software open source. Open source is a positive thing to happen because of the high degree of collaboration, decentralization, and transparency it provides.

In collaborative efforts, the core team will work on the technology that is core, and the developers using open source will work on edge integrations.

Block.one Integrating Its Technology Block.one is working to integrate its own technology into EOSio, even though in the past, they have been hesitant to interact with the EOS network. They also recently purchased EOS New York, and this move is another positive one as it opens EOS to transforming into a more community-driven system.

The CTO of Dfuse, Alexandre Bourget, spoke about the consequences of the changes. He is very optimistic and noted that the changes are a good fit for the future. The technology is there, and having people improve the platform with the edge integrations is a winning solution.

Alexandre goes on to speak about enterprise-level expenses that are critical, and that it makes sense to collaborate with developers because blockchain is mission-critical. Things should be community-centric because people make money, and the speed of EOS will become more meaningful.