In the U.S., people can now buy Tron (TRX) instantly using Metal Pay. The partnership allows people with the Metal Pay mobile app to buy TRX with a debit or credit card. Before, people could only buy TRX on exchanges by exchanging other cryptocurrencies like BTC. Now there is a direct on-ramp for individuals with fiat currency.

TRONIX is an alt coin the Tron platform uses. Launched in 2017 by Justin Sun, TRONIX is already one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Tron is a content and entertaining platform where people use TRONIX to pay for content. It lets individuals get paid for content creation.

Sun also leads the Tron Foundation. The foundation is a Southeast Asia non-profit entity. Its values include compliance, fairness and transparency.

Metal Pay is a peer-to-peer payment platform similar to PayPal. The company promotes cryptocurrency for everyone, not just tech savvy individuals. They even have their own digital coin, the MTL Token. Users of the app who utilize the roof of Processed Payments (PoPP) mechanism earn free tokens. According to Metal’s CEO Marshall Hayner. if they give an individual cryptocurrency for free, the person will be more likely to learn about blockchain and digital payments. Cryptocurrency used to be the domain of those interested in the technology, but now the industry is filled with investors and corporations. Hayner wants to bring cryptocurrency to the general public. The partnership with TRX should help accomplish this.

TRX already had several impressive partnerships. They've partnered with Zag- S&W, a commercial international law firm. The partnership provides legal support as TRX is more widely listed on exchanges. TRX also partners with oBike, a bike-sharing company in Singapore. The company launched its own oCoin on the Tron network. Bikers can use the coin to buy rides and earn oCoins.