According to some news that was shared on September 8, 2019, a new browser has taken over the rivals in Japan. Brave is the browser, and it is a privacy-focused piece. It has now beaten Firefox, Opera and Chrome in Japan. In the most recent ranking information from Google Play, Brave is now at the number 10 spot on the list of downloads. The closest competitor to it is Firefox, which is in the 14th spot in the Google Play store.

Google Play ranks downloads and apps based on how well they perform compared with several essential indicators. Those metrics include the app's crash rate, non-response rate, excessive use of Wi-Fi bandwidth, location or running too much processing in the background on the device. According to a screen shot in the news briefing, Brave has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the past 30 days among Japanese smartphone users. Firefox had about 553,000 downloads in Japan.

The main feature of Brave is that it creates a token out of certain aspects of the internet browsing experience. It does this in order to win some of the market share from other browsers that have been around for more time. A user of Brave can earn the basic attention token, or BAT, by watching certain sponsored ads and claiming a grant. With that token, the user can tip content creators on websites such as Vimeo and Reddit.

In the last part of August 2019, the developers of Brave announced that they had developed a new cryptocurrency wallet for the browser. The wallet is meant to be used with Ethereum based tokens, such as Ether. This token trades under the ETH initials. Based in San Francisco, Ethereum's representative says that Brave's in-browser wallet also supports the use of BAT. This is an ERC-20 digital coin. It supports this at the same time as it supports other digital coins based on Ethereum. It can also support Ethereum collectibles. This is a story that users of crypto wallets and browser wallets should keep a close watch on, especially if they need new options.