Over the past 24 hours, the volume of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance exceeded $150 million. The majority of this amount was in the Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency. This is for the futures market.

This trading volume was reported near the end of the day on September 10. A person took a look at the Binance futures performance and shared these findings. In the past 24 hours of trading time, the numbers got to these notably high volumes in Bitcoin to USD in Tether pairing. This brought the trading volume for the day to just over $151 million.

Binance got its futures start with two test net platforms, which it called Futures A and Futures B. These started on September 2, 2019. They invited people to participate in a binance coin, or BNB competition. The trading was at the 10,000 level. During the event, Binance stated that it would provide all of the participants with $100,000 USDT of tokens in simulated funds. Those funds would be in Binance futures for testing only.

After this platform launched, the BitMEX exchange accused Binance of plagiarizing its documents as part of its test net launch. BitMEX's post included some screen shots of their delivery system. The text is almost the same as Binance's.

On September 6, Binance was under pressure on its Twitter account. Another Twitter user said it lacked critical features. It said that Platform A is not usable because of its contracted size. They added that it did have a nice interface and specification setup. They added that Platform B lacks good documentation and is oversized.

A person at Binance responded and said that the minimum contract size was a mistake. They plan to correct it. The person added that Platform A does allow small transactions of less than one Bitcoin, in lots of 0.0001 Bitcoins. However, their website's user intervace has some validation issues. Those problems could result in trading snafus in the European system, which does not use periods in decimal places. According to its recent announcement, Binance is expected to launch in the United States in the next few weeks.