Bitcoin The trading range of Bitcoin is currently small and getting smaller, which is limiting positional trading opportunities. Experts believe if the price of the digital currency rises above $6,832, it could rise to anywhere from $7,400 to $8,400. On the other hand, if it falls below $5,900, it could fall as low as $5,000. Experts suggest placing stop loss orders at $5,900. Ethereum The price of Ethereum is very flat, without any signs of oncoming trends. Experts are looking for the currency to break out of a $188-$250 range, and until then they recommend against establishing either buying or selling positions. Ripple Ripple is trending upward, with moving averages continuing to rise. If the currency breaks out of a $0.565 ceiling, it could rise all the way to $0.625. Experts recommend either taking profits there or holding on with the hope that the rally extends to above $0.76. If, however, the currency breaks below its current floor, it could drop to $0.43 and perhaps even down to $0.37. It is recommended to set stop loss orders at $0.45. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash seems stuck in a large range of about $408-$660. It has been particularly resistant to passing the upper range. But if it does, it could start a new upward trend. But it could just as easily fall to the lower end of the range. EOS EOS is another cryptocurrency stuck in a very tight range: $5-$6. It has been in the middle of this range for many days. If it breaks through the $6 level, it could rise all way to $6.83. But if it drops below the $5 level, it could fall below $4.5 and even reach $3.87. Stop loss orders on long positions should be set at $4.9. Stellar Stellar, like Ripple, is trending upward. If it can break through a $0.30 resistance level, it could rise all the way to $0.36. Stop loss orders should be set at $0.2. Litecoin Litecoin continues to descend. It could fall through the $47.25 support level, though it has been steadily resisting this.