A new poll in Germany indicates that blockchain technology is gaining favor among logistics managers. One-third of those in these management positions indicated that they believe supply chain logistics can be improved by blockchains. The survey was conducted by Hermes and was published in mid-November 2018. Participants in the survey were chosen from a pool of logistics managers for some of Germany's largest companies. The survey specifically addresses how technology has the ability to improve supply chain efficiency. About thirty-five percent of those who participated chose blockchain technology as one of the innovations that has the most upside when it comes to increasing cooperation between retailers and suppliers. The managers for larger companies were even more enthusiastic. Half of those who managed work forces of more than 250 employees indicated that they believed the use of blockchains will be a turning point for their industries. Big data also scored high on the survey. Cyber-Physical Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems were also given weight. The survey was meant to assess the technological improvements that would be most beneficial for supply chain management. It is hoped that the information will shed light on where the research and development of companies should be directed. The survey results are another shot in the arm for blockchain technology as developers continue to find new applications that will benefit a variety of sectors. In smaller companies there was less interest in the blockchain. This finding is not surprising to those who believe larger companies have the resources and vision to take a more progressive approach to new technologies. There is an increasing interest in blockchain applications for shipping companies. The technology is also being studied and developed by businesses in the healthcare industry, and even government agencies are warming up to the potential blockchains offer for the management of data.