The marketplace of marketplaces is getting crowded. Binance is getting ahead of the game with a push toward bringing 100 creators to their non-fungible token platform. On Tuesday, June 1, Binanace announced that it will do an NFT drop from Misha Most. This artist is a world record holder for the largest wall mural. Most will be creating 10 NFTs in collaboration with some artists who aren't as well known. The tokens will go on sale June 24.

According to Most, digital art holds the spirit of the community. In particular, street art is close to the artist, who is used to working alongside other artists. Working on an NFT will be a fresh chance to collaborate with digital artists. The transformation of printed art, sculpture and other three-dimensional works into digital art excites Most. The other artists and celebrities who will work on the NFT include Alphonso Davis, Trevor Jones and Michael Owen.

The Binance idea of creators is wide. This reflects a lot of NFT competition. Users don't have a lot of loyalty in NFT marketplaces. The only way for a platform to get noticed by collectors is to create appealing intellectual property and use licenses. Binance seems to be casting a wide net.

According to Lily Lee, who is the PR manager of Binance, the 100 creators campaign is designed to support and promote innovation in creators. It's a worldwide campaign. They hope to attract collectors from all over the world. So far, Flow has a large part of the market share through its collaboration with the NBA. The prices of their Top Shot NFT have dropped in the past few days, but the total daily volume is still in the top three on one of the watch lists.

Other platforms have been fighting each other in an effort to get a slice of the market's pie. Palm is dropping some NFTs designed by Damien Hirst, a British artist. WAX is trying to set up a partnership with Topps, which is a company that publishes baseball cards in the United States. Investors should keep their eyes open.