With Bitcoin struggling to reach the $40K pricing level again, the rest of the cryptocurrency markets have been in a slump, but decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens are holding on to their market capitalization thanks to very positive fundamental news updates. DeFi projects such as Polygon keep improving and offering new services to make legacy blockchains more efficient, and this explains why DeFi tokens are still in the black.

A good way to understand the appeal of DeFi technology is to think of it as a product of a decentralized society, but only if you think of society as part of some larger system of government.

The decentralized economy, after all, was invented by people who have no stake in the outcome, the distribution of goods, was entirely managed by government. The system of government, the economy, was always predicated on the idea that one was free to do whatever one wished with whatever material objects one had on hand.

But with these ideas having been discarded, we've only had a tiny bit of the new world left to explore, but it's clear that we're all looking forward to it, and will continue to do so, for some time to come.

The other thing that sets the decentralized economy apart is that it's not just about getting things without buying anything from the government. As I've explained, any number of activities that would normally be considered "non-free" (from which we can derive the term "non-regulated") are available to anyone willing to use a computer to work out a trade. The market does this work for people, not governments, so people are willing to work for whatever they can get. The first people to realize that the decentralized economy needed to be free from the state probably had no stake in anything at all.

DeFi technology sees the traditional blockchain networks as being too monolithic and not conducive to a decentralized economy. Ever since DeFi projects came on the scene a couple of years ago, the cryptocurrency economy has expanded and become more efficient, which explains why this exciting sector of the new economy should be on everyone's radar.