Axie Infinity, a virtual world online game that runs on a blockchain, has emerged as a glimpse of what the future will bring in relation to gaming economies. The AXS token is ERC20 compliant and can also serve as a non-fungible token (NFT) for the purpose of trading the cute and unique digital creatures that inhabit this whimsical virtual world.

During the final week of September, the AXS exchange price was dragged down by the overall bearish period that has affected Bitcoin for more than a month; nonetheless, strong fundamentals and an airdrop carried out by the Axie Infinity team pushed AXS from a price below $43 to more than $118 in just a few days. This is an impressive gain since the price drop gradually began on September 6.

AXS Exchange Price

The airdrop is worth mentioning since the total number of AXS tokens in the supply is a little over a billion, according to For the first time in AXS history, thousands of AXS tokens were distributed to the Axie Infinity community members and game developers for completing a few challenges. The most recent challenge involves using the Axie Infinity platform to build an AR game that utilizes the AXS token. The airdrop is a strong sign that the AXS exchange is growing strong.

An airdrop is often used to create awareness about the project or the company, to create positive experiences and build a brand. Axie Infinity Airdrop An example of such an airdrop is the Ethereum ERC-20 airdrop for the BitRent tokens. The BitRent platform has more than 14,000 active users and over 2,400,000 registered users. The BitRent team held an airdrop in August and distributed the tokens to the community. Over 14,000 BitRent airdrop participants received the tokens and over 30,000 BitRent accounts were created. Another successful airdrop is Tezos. The Tezos Foundation had a successful airdrop for the community, where over 2.2 million tezos tokens were distributed. Many projects, including CryptoKitties, were built with the Tezos blockchain and cryptocurrency. All in all, AXS shows that you can make money with crypto while playing fun games.