Cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube say the platform is deleting their content. The Christmas Eve timing of their purge could have been a ploy to reduce outrage as people were busy searching for holiday movies instead of cryptocurrency news. YouTubers and channels which had their crypto-related content taken down include: Altcoin Daily Robert Beadles Chris Dunn Chris Coney Crypto Rich Rice Crypto The Modern Investor
and more.

People who took a channel hit can't post livestream content to their YouTube channel for up to 90 days, This can severely impact their income. Cryptocurrency publishers are looking at other platforms for their content; many have mentioned LBRY, which lets users monetize their videos. The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, suggests the crypto community start their own blockchain-enabled platform. The same problems will exist with a new platform as existing ones, such as DTube. The audience is limited and they may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Since YouTube hasn't made any public content, people are speculating that Google is moving into the financial services industry and is removing competing content. The most Google has said on Twitter is that they are looking into the matter. People not affected say they had no links to cryptocurrency exchanges in their content, which may explain why YouTubers had their videos which contained content deemed dangerous or harmful taken down. Other reasons cited were videos engaging in selling regulated goods.

Google entering the financial services sector isn't just a rumor. In November 2019, Google announced it was starting a checking account service, code named Cache, with would be tied to Google Pay. Google will partner with major banks for this service. Google' reason for the take down is purely online speculation.