A New Project Sparking a Lot of Interest These days, there is a lot of online chatter about Phantasma (SOUL), a project that marries some of the most popular concepts in the crypto world right now. It seems that the sky might be the limit for SOUL. After all, anything can happen these days; no one in the crypto world probably could have predicted that NFTs would go so mainstream — and so quickly. In 2021, as the pandemic raged on and people stayed inside, many began to educate themselves on blockchain and crypto in general. NFTs even became a song on "Saturday Night Live" — with Pete Davidson providing a kind of primer on what a non-fungible token. So why is SOUL getting so much attention?

Gaming Is Pushing the Project Since early last year, algorithms have indicated that interest in NFTs has been increasing steadily. Now that people are gaining a better understanding of what blockchain is, a lot of them are willing to take their usual activities, like gaming, and see how they can transition these activities into a blockchain experience. Axie Infinity is just one example of how "play to earn" games are gaining traction. Right now, it appears as though Phantasma will potentially be able to offer users the ability to game while also earning — and not paying huge fees.

The Scalability Factor: Working Across the Chain These days, the buzzphrase is cross-chain interoperability. If a project offers this, it is usually much more attractive to investors than a project that does not display this kind of versatility. With Phantasma working with NEO, ETH, and BSC, the sheer scale of the project is impressive right off the bat.

New Launches There is nothing quite like a launch to make crypto investors swoon — and SOUL has had a lot of them very recently. The RPG "Blood Rune" has sparked excitement, as has a mobile game called "Ghost Festival" and an NFT commerce arena called GhostMarkets. It should also be noted that Phantasma is considered "carbon negative", a big draw for those concerned about the environment.