Walmart is Seeking a Crypto Product Lead On August 16, Walmart, a major U.S. retail corporation, announced the employment opportunity for any financial expert in digital currency who is creative and proficient in developing and managing the global company's cryptocurrency strategy without risking Walmart's assets.

The job listing reveals that Walmart is interested in candidates with proven and winning expertise in building up and scaling businesses. Finally, the company is seeking a candidate with at least ten years of experience in the management of products and technology-based product commercialization.

Walmart knows how important a crypto product lead to the firm's success in digital currency strategy, which is why the company is offering employment to anyone who possesses the specified knowledge in developing its crypto strategy.

The ideal candidate should be familiar with the Bitcoin blockchain infrastructure. Moreover, the candidate must have technical expertise related to blockchain infrastructure.

And, the candidate must have a clear and concise understanding of why poorly-created JPEG images of pet rocks have sold for ridiculous prices on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network.

Discussions at Bentonville, Arkansas, at Walmart's headquarters focus on Walmart's goals for the future regarding a digital currency and crypto product lead.

The Dogecoin Foundation is Back Online after a Long Hiatus For Doge enthusiasts, here is good news: After a 6-year hiatus and several years of media silence, the Dogecoin Foundation has aggressively returned. While serving as one of the primary developers for the Dogecoin project, Max Keller will serve as an advisory board member as stated on the project's website.

According to a recent press release, the foundation announced that it was resuming operations to promote the Dogecoin (DOGE) community, characterized by its fiery eyes. In addition, the foundation stated that it would be revealing new initiatives based on boosting DOGE adoption and showcasing DOGE's utility.

Coinbase Has a $4 Billion War Fund The news reports state that Coinbase has accumulated a $4 billion war chest. After two highly profitable quarters, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, has more than $4 billion stashed away as a buffer against a potential "crypto winter."

At the time of this writing, Coinbase plans to use the funds to cover costs associated with many problems, including staying compliant with new rules established by the U.S. federal government.