Blockchain technology has evolved during the first two decades of the 21st century, and startups in the field have recently garnered attention from the venture capital units of international commercial enterprises. Comcast Ventures is one such unit.

The outfit's Managing Director, Gil Beyda, relayed his company's bullish Bitcoin and blockchain stance during an April 26 appearance on CNBC. In fact, Comcast Ventures and its partners currently hold stakes in four companies involved in blockchain innovation.

Notably, Beyda believes that blockchain's future likely includes helping developing economies circumvent their local marketplaces' lack of banks. With blockchain technology, people and small businesses could ignore the arduous process of courting banks to invest in their communities and directly jump to an economy built on Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Additionally, Beyda envisions a time when blockchains will provide significantly greater election security than exists on the current landscape.

Beyda acknowledged during the segment that blockchain's potential includes possible marketplace revolutions for e-commerce, content distribution channels and social media. Still, the business leader submits, "Blockchain is still waiting for that killer app."

Regarding the technology's regulatory oversight, Beyda forecast that America's Securities and Exchange Commission, commonly known as the SEC, would expand its umbrella to gain control over upstarts' initial coin offerings. Beyda then proposed that investors wager up to five percent of their investment portfolios on crypto coins, and he emphasized the blockchain marketplace's comparatively high volatility.

Among other large enterprises that have committed portions of their wealth to partnerships with blockchain outfits, one finds the famed Rockefeller family. Via their venture capital entity, Venrock, the Rockefellers announced a partnership in April 2018 with Coinfund, which researches blockchain and related technologies and invests in crypto startups.

In the coming decades, these and other ventures will likely inspire interesting, massive changes to the economic landscape.