Tensions between the United States and China have escalated more over the past two days. This is not good news for the global economy, which is in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If either China or the USA does not keep up its part of the existing deal, things could get worse. There could be a big sell-off in global equities.

If the market continues to be uncertain, investors might move their money to gold and Bitcoin. In the past, June has been a good month for Bitcoin. Here are some updates on the values of the top cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin's value drops below $9,261, which is the current 20 day moving average, it could go down to $6,752. If it goes up to $10,500, the next place to reach is $11,828.

Ether is the biggest alternative coin. Its recent high was $246.92. It hasn't dropped to the $227 mark in a while, keeping traders happy. An upward trend is likely. Bulls sent the XRP past the resistance point of $0.21 on May 31. The next level is $0.23. If it drops to $0.19, then it could go down more. Bitcoin Cash is stuck at $217 to $255. It is balancing between the bulls and bears. If it can breach $255, then the next stopping point is $280. If it can't hold $255, it could drop to $200.

Bitcoin SV could not hold high levels. It dipped and may hold around $180. A bull rally could happen at $200. Litecoin had a surge on May 30, to $50.79. The bears may try to sink it to around $39. The next drop is $32. Binance Coin reached its top resistance of $18.14 on May 31. Bears defended it. Bulls have not allowed it to drop past $16.71.

EOS is ranging between $2.33 and $2.83. The next upper limit is $3.11. The next lower limit is not likely to be reached. Tezos is stuck at $2.96. If it drops to $2.75, it could go down more to $2.60. However, it could go up as far as $3.63. ADA is at $0.07.