It has been a good Christmas for cryptocurrency bulls. The market capitalization of digital currencies has risen nearly 30% in the last 9 days, from $101 billion to $143 billion. Bitcoin Bitcoin has broken the $4,200 level, but it is currently facing some resistance at $4,255. Many think that the next few days are critical for it, as it could either break through to $4,500 (or even to $4,900) or fall back below $3,800. Ripple Ripple has passed the $0.40 level and is quickly approaching $0.50. If it can break through that, some believe that it could continue past $0.565 and even $0.625. But there is a very real fear that it could fall below $0.25 if it does not break through $0.50. Ethereum Ethereum has smashed through the $136 level and is quickly approaching $167. Some, though, feel there will be a decline once it reaches that level. But if this fall does not occur, a rise past $210 is possible. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash has been hovering just below the $200 level for many days. Every decline during this period has been answered by a roughly equal rise. Some think that, if this continues over the next few days, the price could rise above $300. If not, these same people fear that it could fall all the way past $75. EOS Currently, EOS is trying to break through the $3.05 level. Even if it succeeds, it could face stiffer resistance at $3.87. But if this does not happen, a rise past $4.49 is possible. However, if the currency cannot break through $3.05, some fear it could fall all the way below $1.55. Stellar Stellar has broken through the $0.134 level, and this could be a sign that it could rise past $0.184. The problem is that the currency has consistently underperformed, which has led some to think that it could eventually fall below $0.112. Litecoin Litecoin is meeting some resistance at $36.428, but this was expected. If it can break through, though, it could rise past $47.24. If it cannot, a fall to around $23 is also possible.