The government in the United Kingdom is looking at options for DLT or "Distributed Ledger Technology" at the moment. It wants to utilize the form of technology as a means of safeguarding details that involve identities. It wants to utilize it to safeguard digital proof, too. HMCTS or "Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service has partnered up with the Cabinet Office's Open Innovation Team. These groups put together a conference that went into these vital topics. Balaji Anbil is the individual who is at the helm of HMCTS' Cyber Security and Digital Architecture division. He indicates that the organization is attempting to make good use out of fresh technological practices. He indicates that the group wishes to utilize it in conjunction with standard processes such as identity handling and evidence exchange. It has the desire to get a stronger grasp on things that involve identity data. Dr. Sadek Ferdous is an Imperial College Research Associate and Technology Policy Fellow. He was on hand at the aforementioned conference. That's where he showcased his newest studies with regard to public and private DLT options. Ferdous clarified all of the dilemmas that are part of guaranteeing smooth operations with regard to digital proof. He indicated that the world of the audit trail is a major aspect of all of these networks. Anbil suggests that the DLT has an essential skill regarding safeguarding digital proof. He says that DLT has the means to guarantee evidence chain efficiency as well. People all throughout the United Kingdom have been beginning to rely on blockchain technology in recent times. The aim in the United Kingdom is to turn into an international powerhouse in that sector. The nation has its sights set on turning into a cryptocurrency powerhouse as well. Deep Knowledge Analytics, DAG Global and Big Innovation Centre performed studies not too long ago that highlighted that the United Kingdom has industrial, technological and governmental supplies that are vital for the objective of turning into a crypto economic force. Eddie Hughes is the United Kingdom's housing minister. He requests that the nation's government take on additional duties.